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Austin Stroud & Co was formed in 1978 as a machine shop specialising in customised alterations of flanges and butt weld fittings.

In 1979 it formed an alliance with Wilhem Geldbach GMBH and expanded into a stockist/distributor of flanges and butt weld fittings, eventually having warehouses in the Midlands, North East and North West of England. At the same time it had developed an export market, servicing the Middle East, Asia and North Africa offering complete piping packages.

In 1997 & 1998 the company invested and co-operated in establishing three factories in China manufacturing Flanges, Butt weld Fittings & Malleable Iron Fittings. Together with a Canadian partner the factories were operated to European Standards and achieved ISO certification and excellent quality at a time when many factories in China were unable to manufacture products strictly in accordance with American or European standards.

In 1998 the distribution side of the business in UK was purchased by the BSS Group the largest UK distributor of pipes and pipeline accessories in the UK. Austin Stroud & Co. kept the export division and concentrated on expanding the sales of the Chinese factories products together with vetting other Chinese companies for quality and promoting their products.

Our company policy has been to appoint agents in the countries that we choose to operate in and allow them to introduce our products to the market. 

In 2012 the Limited company was dissolved because the sanctions imposed on Iran prevented our trading with our main trading partners. 

In 2015, Mr John Sutton, who was CEO of the Austin Stroud companies since 1980, started up Austin Stroud again as a consultancy and trading business concentrating on the Iranian market.  His strength lies in his knowledge of the Chinese manufacturers that produce products equal to any others manufactured in Europe, USA or Japan, together with a worldwide database of more than 700 manufacturers which he is continually increasing and with 50 years’ experience supplying the Oil, Water and Petrochemical industries.

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